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What does it mean when we dream about women?

What does it mean when we dream about women?

It is said, and it is even proven by professionals, that every night we dream about something for at least several seconds. Not always do we remember our dreams, but sometimes we consider them and think what they can mean. According to Freud, dreams are connected with our desires and things we have in our subconscious. When we want something and we think about it all the time it is with us even at night when we should relax and rest. Some of our dreams are beautiful even to that extent that we do not want to wake up and we would like to stay in this fabulous land. Nevertheless, sometimes we dream about horrible things and we wake up terrified. Dreams have their own meaning and there are lots of the so called dream-books which include list of the most popular dreams and their explanation or maybe we should rather say the attempt of their explanation. So, for instance, what does it mean when we dream about a woman? Is it good for us or should we rather be scared? Will it bring happiness or are we going to lost our job? Let us check this out!


As it is stated in the dream-book, when we dream about pregnant woman it means that in a few days something positive will happen. So, when we see in our dreams a woman carrying a baby in her stomach we should take it as a good sign for us. Nevertheless, the author of the dream-book recommends carefulness. Probably all of us would like to dream about kissing a woman, because, according to the dream-book, it means huge earnings. Who would not like to earn lots of money when there is a constant lack of it? So, again a woman occurring in a dream is a good sign. Woman having a long hair, however, is not a good sign. It is a kind of a warning that we should speak less. Maybe it means that we should not give away one’s secrets or maybe it means that we should not give somebody too much information. It is rather relative meaning, but still we should think twice before we say something. The similar situation is connected with dreaming about an old woman. It can mean a quarrel with our friends, partners or members of our families. But another good sign is a dream in which a unknown woman appears. We should expect meeting someone new and it will probably be a fruitful relationship. Another popular dream is connected with seeing a woman with a little baby. What can it mean? Nice and sympathetic atmosphere in our house so we should rather not expect any disagreements with any of our housemates.

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