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What is a thermoactive underwear?

What is a thermoactive underwear?

It is very probable that majority of us have already heard such term as a thermoactive underwear. Obviously, there is no need to explain the term lingerie since it is known by everyone – all of us wear it each day for various occasions. However, the other word, mainly ‘thermoactive’, is crucial in this case and lots of people can have problems with explaining it. Moreover, it is not so easy to combine those two words and say something meaningful about the thermoactive underwear – what is this, why do some people wear it, where can we buy it and so on. That is why this article can be found helpful.


The thermoactive underwear most frequently can be bought in shops and stores with sport articles and equipment since such kind of lingerie is recommended mainly to people who love all sorts of physical activities. It keeps warmth and does not let one’s body to get cold. What is more, the thermoactive underwear is produced from special materials that regulate skin’s breathing. Thanks to such equipment, the level of sweat is constantly regulated. There is also another reason, why the lingerie is recommended while doing sports – it makes one feel comfortable, because it is elastic and very flexible.

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