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What are the basic elements of woman’s lingerie?

What are the basic elements of woman’s lingerie?

In spite of the fact that lingerie is worn by each and every person in this world, it is inevitable to mention and notice that woman’s lingerie is a little bit different from man’s lingerie. And we do not talk about its general appearance, though in this aspect those two groups of lingerie also differ, but we rather talk about the elements that belong to the lingerie of each sex. In order to see the differences, we have to analyze what elements are included in the woman’s lingerie.


First of all, all of us would probably enumerate panties, brassieres and socks. It is a good answer, there are no doubts about this. However, except brassieres, men also wear panties and socks. They wear a little bit different colors of them, but still they have them. Woman’s lingerie consists of several other elements that would be rather never found in man’s wardrobe. What elements do we talk about?


Those are of course tights, which are worn by women very frequently for various occasions. Moreover, some women have also such an lingerie as stockings and those have to be accompanied by suspenders. The other ones wear for instance special corsets that can be included in the lingerie as well but the female’s not male’s one.


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