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What kind of man does a woman need?

What kind of man does a woman need?

Love is by lots of people believed to be the most important aspect of our lives. We can hear it very frequently – some part of our society claim that the only goal we should achieve is not a success and money, but rather love. When we have somebody we can rely on and trust, problems seem less dangerous and less frightening. It is easier to go through the life with somebody who will help us and support us in need. The stereotype says that man should, then, find an appropriate woman for himself and the other way round – woman has to find a proper man for herself. Nowadays, such a stereotype becomes less and less popular, nevertheless still there are many more heterosexual pairs. Throughout the following article we will, however, not consider a righteousness of being straight or not, but we are going to think what kind of man each woman needs and what sort of male’s features are the most desirable.


We have probably heard that women are seen as members of the weaker sex. It is, then, not surprising that majority of females is searching for a man who is brave and strong, because only such kind of partner would be able to protect her from the danger. Such a masculinity should be visible not only outside thanks to huge muscles. It should be visible also in one’s character. Man has to be a head of family so it is him, who is going to make the most crucial decisions. It is him, who is going to fix various equipments and finally it is him, who is going to uphold his beloved woman and children.


We should, however, not limit man’s features only to masculinity. Majority of females love men with a sense of humor. They want to have at their homes somebody, who will be able to cheer them up and make them laugh. They dream about such man who is going to tell them jokes and make faces. But that is not the end. We must say that some women are choosy and they would like to have a perfect partner. Let us face the truth – the ideal partner does not exist since everyone has both advantages and disadvantages. The most important is the fact to be able to talk with each other and solve problems together. What will woman do with a man, who is training all the time and cannot even talk with their children and help them with mathematics? That is why, above all, women are looking for intelligent and smart guy, who will be close to ideal for them. Love can cover some drawbacks and very frequently it emphasizes pluses and advantages of somebody.

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