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What do designers focus on while choosing models to the fashion show?

What do designers focus on while choosing models to the fashion show?

Fashion shows seem boring for some people, but for the other ones they are the most interesting program ever. All of us are different and thanks to many TV programs we can choose what we want to watch and what we like watching. Some channels are devoted only to fashion. There are lots of interviews with models, with famous designers, there are fashion shows emitted, there are the newest trends and lots of other attractions that catch the attention of people interested in fashion. As it was said a few moment ago, some part of the whole air time is devoted to fashion shows. People can see how they are prepared and what the newest collections of clothes are. But they can also get to know what are the criteria, on which designers focus while choosing models for their fashion shows. Thanks to many interviews, people can learn really interesting things connected with fashion and working as a model.

Not all of us are aware of the fact that not each and every model can take part in each and every fashion show. Some models are chosen, but some are rejected and this is the decision of particular designer and people, who help him make certain decisions. It is very interesting and intriguing topic even for those people, who do not like fashion and everything connected with trends, colors, style and so on so forth. While analyzing the criteria which are taken into consideration while choosing models we are able to somehow get behind the curtains of the world of fashion, which is believed to be full of attractions, but also full of injustice and difficult selections. So, let us go a little bit deeper into this topic and enumerate several criteria which help some models show themselves during fashion shows and at the same time indispose doing it the other ones.

The most important factor is a sex belongingness. It is quite obvious, but anyway we would like to say a few words about this aspect. Some fashion shows are organized in order to present clothes for members of both sexes – for males and females. In such situation both women and men are needed to organize this event and the reason is simple – women present feminine clothes, while men show the masculine ones. However, some fashion shows are organized just in order to present to the audience the newest collection of clothes destined for girls only. So, it is easy to conclude that in such cases only women are invited by a designer to take part in the event. And the other way round – certain fashion shows are devoted to men’s clothes so only men can present their clothes on the catwalk. But sex is not the only criterion that helps to choose models for the events mentioned.


What counts the most is the general appearance of a model. Both males and females working in the branch of fashion must be aware of the fact that they have to eat healthy and be on a special diet all of the time. Several additional kilograms can lead to loosing a job in this branch so it is understandable that the world of fashion is sometimes called a cruel one. A model must have almost an ideal stature – otherwise she or he does not have any chances to present themselves on the catwalk. Models must be slim and beautiful – that is one of the most significant rules governing world of style, fashion and trends. Moreover, general type of a beauty is also taken into consideration by designers while making such an important decision that will have influence on the whole of his fashion show. Some models do not have a desirable type of beauty and they must wait for another event in order to be chosen. So, summing the whole article up one must be also patient when he or she wants to be a model.

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