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Is it hard to be fashionable?

Is it hard to be fashionable?

Being fashionable can mean something else for each of us. The easiest example to visualize this phenomenon is to tell ten people to point at their favorite animal. There is a high probability that there will be ten different answers for that question. Why is it so? It is obvious – people are different. If all of us were the same, we would be boring with one another. We would not be able to spend time with each other because we would not have many topics to talk about. We would not be able to exchange our opinions, just because our opinions on various topics would be identical. The same is with fashion – it is very hard to say whether somebody is fashionable or does not wear fashionable clothes, because all of us have different sense of style. Trousers, which are fashionable for somebody do not have to be stylish for his parents or friends. So, after this short introduction, let us consider the answer for a question include in the title of the following article – is it hard to be fashionable? How should we choose our clothes? On what should we put our attention and what should we focus on? And finally, the most important question would be as follows – is it possible to be stylish and fashionable?


We have already mentioned that there are various senses of style and various people can perceive particular clothes as stylish or not. For some of us a comfort of the clothes we wear is the most important issue, but the other ones prefer feeling uncomfortable, but at the same time look pretty. So, what should we focus on while buying particular clothes? First of all, we have to think about various circumstances that we are going to face. For instance, it is obvious that we will not wear sporting clothes while attending a wedding party of our friends. That is why our wardrobe must include both stylish and fashionable clothes as well as those in which we feel comfortable. The truth is that not always do we have to look pretty. The best example is relaxing at our home. Do we have to look beautiful and charming then? Probably not, because no one would be able to see us at that particular moment. But if we take into consideration a fact that we work and every day we meet different people, we talk with customers and our supervisors, we have to buy stylish clothes.


more tips:

In some situations our clothes influence the way we are perceived by people who are surrounding us. If we care about other people’s opinion, we have to consider what is fashionable nowadays and buy it. The best solution is to have diverse clothes appropriate for various occasions. It is connected with T-shirts, trousers, shoes and even the underwear. Some situations require being trendy so from time to time we should read something about actual fashion or watch programs devoted to the most actual trends. In this way we are going to learn what colors are the most fashionable and what kind of clothes belong to the past. However, we cannot be sure that when we learn this, we would be perceived as fashionable people wearing the trendiest clothes ever. Someone could ask: why? If we wear clothes recommended by the most popular designers and fashion judges, how can that be that we would not be perceived as stylish? The answer is very simple – not everyone likes fashionable clothes. Some of the actual trends are seen as strange or even unattractive and it does not matter who recommends buying and wearing them. Majority of us have their own, particular style and they always buy clothes which correspond with it so the opinion of a fashion judge or famous designer will not influence their style of clothing. That is why nowadays, while lots of us have deeply held views, it is very hard to be fashionable.


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