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it is good to feel sexy

What does it mean when we dream about women?

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in What is hot? | 0 comments

It is said, and it is even proven by professionals, that every night we dream about something for at least several seconds. Not always do we remember our dreams, but sometimes we consider them and think what they can mean. According to Freud, dreams are connected with our desires and things we have in our subconscious. When we want something and we think about it all the time it is with us even at night when we should relax and rest. Some of our dreams are beautiful even to that extent that we do not want to wake up and we would like to stay in this fabulous land. Nevertheless, sometimes we dream about horrible things and we wake up terrified. Dreams have their own meaning and there are lots of the so called dream-books which include list of...

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What should women buy their partners?

Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 in What is hot? | 0 comments

Giving and receiving presents is loved by majority of people. We like making others feel happy, but we also like being surprised by our friends, wives, husbands, parents or children. However, it is not so easy to buy a present for everyone. For instance, kids will probably enjoy each and every toy or teddy bear they got, but the situation is a little bit different with men. What should women give their partners to make them feel happy, but at the same time not to spend money for something impractical and not functional? The lingerie is a very good idea in spite of the fact that this is a popular present and very frequently given to men. Nevertheless, if it is practical and if by buying it women can combine pleasure with usefulness, why shouldn’t they? We have to...

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