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it is good to feel sexy

About us



Heritage on the web is online woman magazine delivers sexy and passionate news coverage about women from fashion to sex life and beauty.

Heritage on the web is the most useful, fascinating and engaging magazine to reach the newsstands. They understand that girls need to succeed both personally and professionally while additionally regularly tending to best economic and societal problems and the world’s challenges. The magazine bolsters that girls should constantly make an effort to shine and improve all facets in their lives and shouldn’t settle. In addition they should never forget their finest attribute that they should never leave home without, a grin.

This bimonthly magazine provides an uplifting environment that gives them a feeling of belonging and inspires girls. There’s indeed much in these places that calls for the magazine as well as party is an outlet. The crowd is exceptional in the meaning the girls following the bimonthly publication encompass ages all generations, races, socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life. They can be drawn together through their common fascination with issues pertaining to girls in unity.